USA Presidental Election
13 Aug 2020, 23:41:35
Biden/ Harris... seems like a fine choice to Make America... America Again! Register....VOTE!
15 Aug 2020, 18:08:09
It seems like a good ticket. I hope that the level of dissatisfaction remains high for this President when it comes time to cast the votes and that we don't have any trouble from China, Russia or counting the ballots as there will be a lot of absentee voting.
17 Aug 2020, 09:25:29
"trouble counting the ballots" It seems the post office may have trouble handling all the mail in ballots that are expected. Is this an effort to suppress and manipulate the Vote?
18 Aug 2020, 23:09:53
I hope Biden wins big so Trump cannot point to anything that leaves the outcome to doubt. The US Postal Service is not a perfect organization as proven by their performance ratings. We don't have a perfect system. We have seen what happened to Kerry and to Gore in the close elections with the dangling chads and such and others have pointed out that they think the electoral system should be replaced with the simple popular vote. I don't quite agree with that view and hope we come up with more certain ways of reliable counting of the ballots with machines, humans and computers.
21 Aug 2020, 11:55:03
Putin's prize student is not learning from his master. Biden hasn't been poisoned the way Putin's critics have. It should be a drug that affects his heart so suspicion can be denied. Maybe Russia will have to send their own people. That wouldn't be collusion anyway.
22 Aug 2020, 00:02:47
Do you think Putin is brave enough to trust the Russian scientist who tells him he or she has the vaccination to put into his arm against covid-19 or will he require his closest aides to get the shot first?
Could be a way to get rid of the Chief poisoner don't you think?
22 Aug 2020, 11:43:18
Putin knows they have no vaccination. The world also knows it. He thinks it makes him look strong like when sputnik made it to space first.
23 Aug 2020, 23:04:51
Dump trump Question? What LIE will be the "October Surprise?" maybe Putin offering up 10 million doses of his Vaccine? (for free) (my favorite) OR Harris was a prostitute...(for real...not fake news!!!) OR...Biden JR. IS a spy for the Ukraine...? OR... lets list your favorites here,,,
Edited on 23 Aug 2020 at 23:12:18
24 Aug 2020, 12:09:09
His virus response was a complete success. He heard this from several people.
31 Aug 2020, 00:01:15
Nice try but this is what Treasonous T. would say anyway and so it is really no surprise.

How about this: His hair stylist is an illegal woman from Mexico who was recommended by Stormy Daniels.
31 Aug 2020, 12:32:28
Well saying illegal woman is a bit redundant but gotta love that comb over.
31 Aug 2020, 22:54:23
Very true. That comb over has survived many affairs and many lies.
2 Sep 2020, 11:43:17
Everything with him is a lie. During a debate Biden should point out that his face is painted orange, he wears a girdle and he should challenge him to run his fingers thru his hair starting at his fore head.
9 Sep 2020, 10:38:22
IMHO a vote for Trump is a face slap to the MSM
10 Sep 2020, 12:43:26
A vote for Treasonous Trump is a slap to the majority of Americans who love their country and want to preserve it's democracy and rid itself of Russian influence. If you want to defend him reply with words everyone can understand.
14 Sep 2020, 22:05:49
Well said, youmayresign...It galls me that Treasonous T supporters think that only they love their country. PLUS, it really pisses me off to see the AMERICAN flag blended into a Confederate battle flag.It seems to be popular amongst the Haters.
17 Sep 2020, 23:14:22
It truly is amazing to see that even Fox news does not support Treasonous T. with his latest lying. As youmayresign has said often, Treasonous T. lies a lot. He sure does. He lies every day. I am glad that the Director of the CDC did not back down and amend his statements about the importance of wearing the mask and the fact that it is unlikely that the vaccine will be available by December 2020 to cure everybody as Trump is saying; and of course Trump also says that it will be safe and totally effective and ready for over 300 + million Americans. What a crock of shit!! This bastard needs to go!!
30 Sep 2020, 04:10:30
Well, the first, (and perhaps only) debate has been held. Good ole "Uncle JOE" will come to the rescue of America, There needs to be a massive VOTER turnout as to leave no doubt as to the Future of the USA. MAKE AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN!!!
30 Sep 2020, 20:45:32
I hope he tries to stay in office after losing the election. It would be cathartic to see him in hand cuffs, boxer shorts, wife beater tee shirt, no girdle, no make up and no hair. It would be like Mussolini except the people tear his persona to shreds.
1 Oct 2020, 00:06:16
I think Trump is already setting the stage to fight for a second term. I don't think Putin could give him any pointers on this strategy. Joe Biden looked pretty good all things considered. Many people have said they did not like to see Trump's interruptions and his bullying on the stage. Joe needs to play it cool and pick his spots for his important points to be made. Joe needs to fight this fight sort of like Sugar Ray Leonard did against Duran and Tommy Hearns. I am sure his team will advise him on how to combat this incessant offensive by Trump. People need to vote early and mail in those ballots now. I voted by mail a week ago. How about you?
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