Caissa.com was launched on July 1st, 1995. It occupies an important place in the history of online chess -- it was the world's first web-based chess server, and the first with a fully graphical interface. It has remained in continuous operation ever since, now over 27 years and counting.

Originally called Caissa's Web, it was conceived as an open-platform server that could be accessed by anyone on any type of connection without the need for any extra software beyond a web browser. In particular, it embraced the newer HTTP protocol rather than the telnet protocol used by other systems at the time. While HTTP was still fairly primitive, the developers at Caissa.com always believed it had revolutionary potential and were determined to use chess as an ever-evolving example of the state-of-the-art interactivity possible with this new medium.

Over the years since then, Caissa.com has gone through many changes as web and browser capabilities have advanced. But it has always remained true to its original vision: providing a full-featured, easy-to-use way for people to play their favorite game against anyone else in the world, from any web-capable device with no special software.

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